BlackboardPaint Lime 0.5L

BlackboardPaint Lime 0.5 L

Our BlackboardPaint is the answer for all creativity. With this paint, your objects, walls and doors quickly provide a surprising and new feature.

Final summary:
• BlackboardPaint is a water-based paint. Easy and safe to use in every room.
• Available in cans from 500 ml (5 m2) Cans in seven different and trendy colours (black, gray, lime, pink, red, green and blue).
• The black, grey and green colours are also available in 250 ml (2,5 m2) and 1 L cans (10m2).
• EN71-3 Safety Standard: safe for children to play with.
• EU VOC Standard
• EU RoHS Standard
• Easy to combine with MagnetPaint, making the machined surface multifunctional.

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